Jan 11, 2012

Another purchase and New Polka Dots Collections!

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Happy day 11!

Today I bring you 2 new collections of polka dots sheets. Collection 2 is based on the color range of the collection 1, but this time the polka dots are white, in version A, or the background is white, in version B. And in the collection 3, I mixed the colors of collection 1. I hope you like them!

This morning I received another package from my first orders of 2012!

As you can see this request was monothematic. In Discount Paper Crafts store at Etsy, I found this wonderful tool and accessories in irresistible price! This tool is used to create patterns pierced in all types of paper, cardboard and foam up, then power and embroidery thread and you can decorate greeting cards, scrapbooking, and some other craft applications. I bought them thinking about the packaging of my articles as soon as I get everything that I bought, I will do some tests to find the perfect packaging for my creations. I have already eager to start to experiment and create! I am an impatient!

This afternoon I had a dentist visit to check my implants that I did a month ago. I have said me that them are healing very well, and in 2 months I have gathered, to take my measurements for the cases. I'm happy with the result. Before implants I thought it must be a very painful process, as well as expensive. But I was lucky to find a dental clinic in Barcelona, which is part of a foundation, which are priced very reasonable, and in which, say and highlight both the facilities, such as care staff are excellent . So expect an almost traumatic experience, I have become a satisfied client and without fear of the dentist. Pure luxury in these times!

Sweet kisses!

1. oldie - a song that was formerly popular
golden oldie
song, vocal - a short musical composition with words
Translation: oldie [ˈəʊldɪ] N
1. (= song) → melodía f del ayer; (= joke) → chiste m anticuado
2. (Brit) (= old person) → vejete/a m/f

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