Jan 19, 2012

Mr. Wolf pattern!

All we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Edgar Allan Poe

Happy day 19!

Yesterday I did a preview... This is Mr. Wolf! I created an elegant wolf especially for a friend. And it took a year to see the light! Find the pattern end of post.

Christmas of 2010, shortly after returning to my father home (and after the disappointment of having to close my tattoo studio), I picked up the hook and yarn, and began to create. I made these 4 toys, of which I still have 3 in my craftroom, and the 4th remained to live in the house of a friend. Also I have stored the patterns, but should review and rewrite them before share on the blog. If anyone are interested ask me for them!

It was at that moment, in which the idea of creating my own amigurumis shop, began to take shape. Several of my friends encouraged me to sell these creepy toys, and that everyone loved them! Although, I acknowledge that I am now looking at a thousand faults on all sides! But learn and improve is the only way to get experience (perfection does not exist, that I have already assumed). But I guess it was not yet the right time to undertake this adventure, still had to spend a lot of things, that something in me changed and reconnect to rediscover the illusion.

And by that time, one day I showed a friend (the current owner of Mr. Wolf), my creepy toys. He makes homemade soap each year, to have soap for the whole year. And he proposed me a trade: he would give me a piece of nhis atural soap, and I would make a wolf toy for him. I must say that he gave me the soap after 15 days, and I loved the smell and texture! But I did not do the same with the wolf. Not because I didn't want, but because I couldn't. Literally, I wasn't in the mood. The 2011 was a year really hard emotionally for me.

But over the year, during the short seasons to escape back to hook and keep myself busy, I went online looking for a pattern to make the wolf. I promise that I have executed at least more than 100 searches in both Google, and in all kind of craftblogs, forums... But all this time, I've only managed to find these 2 patterns.

I started doing the wolf of Lion Brand Yarn pattern, since it was the first I found. But the truth is I didn't like too much. Unrealistic and funny little while. I was not convinced with it. So I gave up halfway, no hind legs, and became my pincushion. The truth is that it always goes with me in my sewing-pencil case. And is responsible for zealously protecting my hooks and stitchmarkers. And he does very well!

I never tried to make the pattern of The Crafty Cattery, because it reminded me too much to the wolves of the Hanna Barbera cartoon, which I must confess never like me a lot. So, although it is a beautiful wolf, I wanted to make a funny, tiny, kawaii type. And I kept searching, exploring, hunting for the perfect pattern of wolf! And then, by chance, found the pattern of Lucas the Fox, so cute, and his friend Bernardo the Bunny, created by Pica-Pau, a prodigious crocheter who has just adorable creations! I recommend you visit her blog, has many free patterns you'll love!

Not exactly what I wanted, but I got the idea for Mr. Wolf! Of course then I had to invent my own pattern, and Mr. Wolf is the adorable little wolf that was born after this long process of gestation. I had to do and undo many times, write and rewrite the pattern, try different wools and crochet hooks... But all work done with love, just being adorable, I swear!

So here I leave my first amigurumi pattern, so you can make Mr. Wolf! Although I will also sell the toys in my store, but that has not some patterns of wolves in internet, forces me to share it with you. It's my moral obligation! Hope you like! I really put a lot of love doing this pattern! Do not forget to share your little Mr. Wolf with me in the comments! I'll like to admire your work!

And finally, the pattern of Mr. Wolf.

Tomorrow the sun will rise again!

Sweet kisses!

1. waterside - land bordering a body of waterwaterside - land bordering a body of water
bank - sloping land (especially the slope beside a body of water)
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  1. Your wolf is so tiny and adorable! Great pattern!

    1. Hey Cat! Thank you very much for your appreciation! Sweet kisses!

  2. I have been looking for a wolf amigurumi pattern, too, and have been disappointed in a lot of them. I'm glad I found yours.

    I don't see in the instructions where you mention what type or weight yarn you used--what did you use?


    1. Hi "That Queer Chick"! You can choose the type of yarn you must like. Normally, I use acrylic yarn, in size 4-5, and a crochet hook of 2,5mm size. This help me to take a plain and straight surface, and can fill it better. Hope I help you! Kisses and happy weekend! ^___^

  3. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! Your WOLF is the BEST ami-wolf I've ever seen!! I have been searching for what seems like FOREVER for a wolf amigurumi pattern, that I really really like, and today the search has finally come to an end!!! YEY! Im soooo happy that you have posted this amazing Amigurumi "Wolf" Pattern!!! BTW~ I also just love your blog, came across it by chance while doing searches for amigurumi patterns today...again, thank you so much for all your hard work at perfecting the "wolf". Can't wait to come back and try you other ami projects!!! Once I finish the wolf, I'll try to post a pic of it on your blog and if I can't figure it out I'll send you a pic thru email...wish me luck, I hope my wolf turns out half as good as yours does.. ~Bethany~ :)

    1. Oh Bethany! You've left me speechless with such praise!

      Thanks of heart for appreciating my work. Glad to hear that today, the seed of my work has flourished to give you a little flower of joy. I look forward to seeing your finished Wolf, and you don't hesitate, I will publish it with pleasure! By the way, you have a blog? As you leave the post as anonymous, I can't link to your profile or blog. I would love to see the rest of your work!

      I'm developing 2 new patterns, one is an amigurumi, and the other is another secret box. (I'm addicted to the boxes!)

      And thank you very much for appreciating all the effort I put into the design of the blog. I'm new to all this, and it only took 2 ½ months to maintaining a blog. I still have much to learn and improve, but as you, know people appreciate it, is welcome, and it gives me great encouragement to continue working.

      I have returned to update the PDFs of the blog, I hope you can now download and view them without problems. I had to convert the content to image format, so you don't give more problems with text and fonts, and so now the files are slightly larger. But finally see and print correctly. Or I hope so! If anyone has any problems, please don't hesitate to comment. Any help is appreciated, and all corrections teach me to do better next time. So thank you for appreciating my work and for helping to improve it.

      Sweet kisses!

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  6. thank you so much for posting this pattern! i used different sized yarn and hook and it turned out bigger than it should but he's still cute XD https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/19896_10200095993578374_1413335566_n.jpg

  7. Sorry to comment over a year after this pattern has been posted, but I was wondering if you could give me another way to download it? I keep receiving error messages from Google Docs when I attempt to download. Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Hello, was just wondering what the ^ meant in the patterns. Thanks!