Jan 17, 2012

My two last purchases of this month! And finally the DailyDonut365 notebook printed test!

Nowhere in life is sadder than an empty bed. Gabriel García Márquez

Happy day 17!

Now suddenly, get together the last two packages. But the truth is they were the 2 orders smaller than I did, so at least I can finish off my monthly shopping with a post worthy. ^___^

In the first package I received 2 more stamps, and 2 small styrofoam circles, because I want to do with a baby crib mobile. I ordered on Etsy's Sunday's Market. Jamie, the seller, is a nice person, and very friendly seller. She also sent me, as a gift, a packet with some cute tags! Thank you very much Jamie! I recommend you take a look from time to time at her store, always has good deals!

And in the second package I received the order I made to SupplyShop1 on Etsy too, in box coming some jumprings of different sizes, 100 plated alligator clips, and 50 ring bases. A store with very reasonable prices!

I would like to make some comments on the topic of online shopping, international buyer as I am. Before you buy, always do a search ground All Items on Etsy to check you really are getting the best price for the product you want to buy. This online shopping is profitable, but requires some time to research new stores and compare prices. Always take into account shipping costs, and often there are shops that offer very cheap items, but then bear a disproportionate shipping. We must be careful, especially when you're an international buyer. For now, I have noticed that most of locate sellers in Asia, in general, have a very affordable rates ship also very cost effective price in most of the products they sell. The U.S. sellers tend to be quite reasonable, although we must be careful with sellers in some states, which are required to collect taxes.

Buy online requires dedication, time, and be clear about what you really need to purchase. There are so many tempting products! I usually set my purchases, adding to my wishlists or my shopping cart, the products I want to buy. Then, as the economy of each month, I destinate a budget to my craft shopping, and I list in my order of priority, of all the items I added to each store. And finally, always trying to make large orders, and orders fewest possible different stores (since shipping costs remain an important part of my budget). I do all my shopping on-line the same day. So I can keep track of days it takes to get each package, depending on where they are sent and that day have led to the post office of origin. It is important, for an international buyer, knowing this information, especially if the final destination the items you purchase, it is supply you the material needed to keep your e-shop ongoing. It has cost me some trouble to learn this routine (especially when you've bought something, and after, find another seller with better prices for the same product), and I recommend you do it on all your purchases. You can save a lot of money!

And today I finally found time to print and mount the first test of my notebook DailyDonut365. I bought some pinks and white cardboards to give its my sweet touch. And while I also printed the postcards series that hung yesterday as free printable. I think they might be a nice goodie for my future buyers. I like to get small details from the sellers when I receive a purchase. Convey affection and gratitude, and I wish I could convey the same thing when I sell!

Overall I'm happy with the final appearance. While I recognize that my BW laser printer doesn't have a great print quality! But to be the first test, not bad! I hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow the sun will rise again!

Sweet kisses!

1. oversize - larger than normal for its kind
outsize, outsized, oversized
big, large - above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent
Translation: oversize [ˌəʊvəˈsaɪz] oversized [ˌəʊvəˈsaɪzd] ADJ → demasiado grande, descomunal (US) [clothes] → de talla muy grande

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