Feb 3, 2012

I need to relax...

The wisdom of the wise and the experience of ages may be preserved in quotations. Benjamin Disraeli

Happy day 34!

Today was a very stressful Friday. I spent the morning preparing the pictures I took for Photoshoot class this afternoon, and updating the blog a bit. Every day I realize the thousands of mistakes I'm making, and I am obliged to correct them, to do and undo. Every success takes effort not?

Also, this week reviewing the stats I have also discovered that my patterns have been included in some blogs of free patterns. I don't care, in fact I'm excited they have chosen my work, and have generated more interest still in my first forays into the handcrafter world. It is a great way for people to know me no more effort than my work. And if anything encourages me to continue it is this enormous interest, which I confess that is overwhelming me a bit. In just one month old I have received over 3000 hits, and start to have followers on the blog. That makes me proud because I know that is the result of my work and my work interests people of this world in which I am still an outsider who walks half lost.

But while this has led me a feeling of anxiety and stress, for fear of not being able to continue to meet the expectations. I guess this is normal, but for me it scares me. So I think I'll take it with a little more calm. I'm missing hours a day, and still I'm restructuring my life to use 100% of my time. I'm still learning how to capitalize on the time and money, to balance my efforts and rewards. I am following some coaching blogs, who are helping me to focus my goals and achieve success in my projects, even as small as getting to keep this blog day after day, without fail, and without neglecting the rest of my life and my daily chores.

Granted, there during this first month, the development blog, with all that entails, I now have an investment of time too high. Especially because I have quite neglected the project of my Etsy shop. I may enjoy more without the commercial pressure of having to run a business, which is something that bothers me a lot, because I do not like having to sell myself... And yet, I enjoy creating and crochetting, forgetting the world and over time, whether it's sunny or snowing outside. And that can not be. So I decided that I'm not posting Saturdays. I need time to rest and work on my stuff. To relax and enjoy a walk, a ray of sun caressing my face, or hot coffee on a terrace facing the sea, or a leisurely art exhibition to absorb and fascinate the world view of other artists.

So this weekend I leave you calm, Sunday back and tell you! Tomorrow the sun will rise again! Happy weekend to all! ^___^

Sweet kisses!

1. holdover - an official who remains in office after his term
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
2. holdover - something that has survived from the past
survival - something that survives
3. One that is held over from an earlier time
Translation: hold·o·ver n. - vestigio, reliquia

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