Feb 7, 2012

FEB7 Photo-a-day Challenge: Button

My purchases in the market today. I loved the textured yellow jacket, with big yellow buttons!

Birthday Cake Secret Box Free Pattern

Not in my nature to hide anything. I can not close my mouth when I opened my heart. Charles Dickens

Happy day 38!

After finishing my birthday cake yesterday, after adding the cherry topping, and make the tray, I realized that the cake flats were too high, they were offset by the width of the piece. So decided rework, and rewrite the pattern. It has taken hard work, but I think now has been much better. You can find the pattern at the end of this post.

I'm sorry so much

NOTE: This weekend I discovered that I was wrong to copy the links to the PDF files, because a comment on ravelry. Sorry for the error. I've already solved, and I have updated all the links of the blog. I hope you can now download the PDFs without problems.

Thanks for your understanding in advance. Sweet kisses!