Jan 6, 2012

2 Busy days!

In Hollywood you can pay $1,000 for a kiss, but only 50 cents for your soul. Marilyn Monroe
I finally reached what I wanted to be more: a child. Joseph Heller

Happy days 5 and 6!

Yesterday I could not write, and today I just... Today was the Day of Kings, and I've been quite busy to finish on time the gifts. Before this year, I buy gifts, wrapping et voilà! But this year, with my new project underway, I decided that I had to make. I made a couple of charms for the Mobile and a couple of brooches with my crochet donuts, and 3 painted wooden boxes and decorate customized for their future owners (but not made ​​pictures, I'm that clueless!). Everyone liked them, so they encouraged me to pursue my Etsy shop project.

What I can do is show you pictures of my donuts, which are not finished yet, but you can already see the look that will have... Mmmm! I want eat them all!

Also these days I have bundled to start another project in parallel, because my mind restless and creative needs to be changing activity, but I get bored. Last month, internet browsing, I discovered the Bargello embroidery type. And I felt in love at first sight! I am an obsessive of geometric patterns and repetitions and symmetries, and this type of embroidery is the ultimate artistic creation to beautifully capture my obsession. And how could it be otherwise, I searched online plastic canvas sheets, to start practicing. But then, as I always order almost everything online, because in Spain it is impossible to find most of the supplies for handcrafts, I had to wait for them to arrive by mail. But chance, or causality, on day 4, when going to the supermarket to buy, I found an offer on toiletry bag and clutch kits, canvas fabric made ​​of raffia. And a light went off in my restless brain, and saw that I could use to make my first tests with Bargello needlepoint. And I did not think twice! I bought 3 sets still remaining! So part of my time these days, so I start embroidering spent one of the sets I bought. And for the first time I embroidered... I think they are being nice! Here I leave some picture, what do you think about!?

Finally, I want to show a photo of the pears that I cook for dinner on New Year's Eve. It was the first time I made ​​them, and the first time I tasted too! The truth is that they were delicious! I made them in 3 versions: Pears in red wine with cinnamon (traditional recipe, unique flavor), Pears in white wine with orange and vanilla (creative recipe, soft and fruity), muscatel pears (recipe Catalan fusion, delicious!). I promise to publish the recipe step by step this month, but now I'm bundled editing it. Hope you like!

And that's all for today! It's late and I'm exhausted. More tomorrow! ;)

Sweet kisses!

1. ormolu - brass that looks like gold; used to decorate furniture
brass - an alloy of copper and zinc
Translation: ormolu [ˈɔːməʊluː] N → similor m, bronce m dorado

1. industriousness - persevering determination to perform a task
Translation: industriousness [ɪnˈdʌstrɪəsnɪs] N [of worker] → laboriosidad f; [of student] → aplicación f, diligencia f

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