Jan 7, 2012

2012 First courses

The vocation of the career politician is to make every solution a problem. Woody Allen

Happy day 7!

Today, taking advantage of a Saturday, I will devote myself to pick up the house, and finish the sheets of polka dots that I have pending. Even I know nothing of the owners of the site and then publish the rest of this week. If they ever communicate with me and ask me to remove it or change it, I'll do it. But I accumulates a lot of work... ^___^ I hope you like!

Yesterday I forgot to explain what I was given to me, the Xbox 360 with Kinect (although I already had from mid-summer), a super nice wood incense box with a packet of vanilla sticks (which I released today and I must say that smells delicious!!!), socks, a roll holder for paper towels, a mini photo frame, and a cover for the Mobile made ​​in crochet (my aunt is a crochet fan, I come from family). Lest anyone be angry...

Today I received by email, the list of courses that are scheduled for the next quarter, at the Civic Center where I am a member. There are many courses, and some very interesting, and although I would like to attend all, I have enough time or money. So after discarding several lists, I decided to join a French course for beginners and another coaching course on healthy living (to see if I meet a couple of my goals for this 2012). On Monday 9 I have to join, I hope to find free places to sign up.

Sweet kisses!

1. protraction - the consequence of being lengthened in duration
lengthiness, prolongation, continuation
length, duration - continuance in time;
fermata - (music) a prolongation of unspecified length on a note or chord or rest
2. protraction - the act of prolonging something;
lengthening, perpetuation, prolongation
continuance, continuation - the act of continuing an activity without interruption
Translation: protraction [prəˈtrækʃən] N → prolongación f


  1. Could you please tell me whether your Woody Allen quotation is from he himself or from one of his films and if the latter which one? Thanks.

    1. Hi Blurpt!

      I try to know the origin of this quote. I receive a quote every day on my email, and this is the quote I repost here on my blog. When you ask me this few days ago, I sent a message to the owners of the quotes web, but today I don't receive any response yet. I'd try to find the origin on internet, but really I can't find it. I'm sorry so much. If I'll have the correct answer, don't dude, I'll say you inmediately. Sorry for the inconvenience. Sweet kisses!