Jan 4, 2012

2012 First craft purchases!

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Happy day 4!

Today was a busy day of shopping online! I had the whole month of December accumulating items in my Etsy Cart, and I was reaching the limit of 99 items that allows ... So I have been rational, I have raised the total budget for my purchases, and I've been discarding items that do not really need to leave a final list of 20 items to a budget of $ 80. In total I have 6 orders to various shops on Etsy, I have looking forward to it all will be my own Christmas present! (In Spain the tradition of giving gifts, especially children, is not Christmas Day December 25, but celebrated the feast of Epiphany on January 6, when it is assumed that the Magi from the East came to Bethlehem to make their gifts to baby Jesus. Things of cultural differences ...) I bought several jewelry supplies, a few stamps, ink pads for stamping, wrapping cellophane bags for selling my creations on Etsy, a cute pencil & supply bag, a super cute notepads, and a collection of tools called Sew Easy used to perforate paper and card as well as decoration for embroidering. I wish I could buy some more things, but because I live in Spain and shipping costs are a little expensive to me, my budget has not given more. As soon as I get all the packages I promise to show you some pictures of my new material!

Speaking of purchasing, materials and of my Etsy shop... I told you today more about that. All begins when I was a girl, I should have 7 or 8 years old when my grandmother taught me to crochet. She also tried to teach me to knit, but I admit I found it too complicated. So my passion for crochet has accompanied me all my life. Until now, I always used to give gifts to friends and family, and little else. But since I discovered Etsy, and I started as a buyer, I must admit that the idea of ​​creating my own shop where I sell my creations was on my mind. But perhaps for lack of time, decision or despair, I had not taken as an option to earn the salary. Throughout my life I spent working in many places, but always related in one way or another with art and creation (I worked from a technical printing and large format digital printing, to a clerk and designer in a t-shirt shop design alternatives author).

3 ½ years ago I started tattooing and piercing, and even got to open my own tattoo studio 2 years ago. But the Christmas of 2010 I had to close my business, since the financial crisis here in Spain has relegated tattoos to the background because they are not a staple. Here I show you some of my tattoo works.

And seeing in this situation, no reliable job prospects in the immediate future, my restless mind went back to start (not after a first period of passivity and negativity, I admit, I'm human). And I rediscover Etsy, who had left something left in my term as a business due to lack of time. And I started to design my project shop, where I want to sell my creations in crochet.

The truth is I'm still in the process of production, but very soon I hope to open my shop, and I promise to be an opening in style! But I must confess that, though at first I thought it was something simple and quick, the design and marketing process has been neither as easy nor as fast as I wished. It is clear that my lack of sales through the Internet, my absolute ignorance of the blogging world, as well as my own utopian fantasies about what it would be this, I have taken many setbacks, mistakes and corrections. But I think as a rookie, I'm not doing too badly. Of course I have some advantages for me, having worked as a graphic designer and web, which has saved me time and money. But I still have much work to do. For now, the only visible part of my project is this blog, in which I care to detail the design and composition, and where I want to share my adventures and misadventures in this new handcrafted world I'm discovering, and every day I have more happy and excited to continue my project. There are many of this project that I want to tell you: how I chose the name, how I create the blog and Etsy store, process design and logo image, etc. But everything, in small doses, feel better.

Today there are no freebies, but I'm working on a series of polka dots sheets based on Design Seeds palettes, also awaiting its author, Jessica, give me the go-ahead to continue publishing them with permission. See you tomorrow!

Sweet kisses!

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