Jan 2, 2012

2012 Purposes

Prudence is the highest of all goods. Phrygia Epictetus

Happy day 2!

Yesterday I also promised a surprise... Who do not love polka dots? I am in love with this simple pattern, almost as much as the sailor stripes. But I don't know what strange reason, it is very difficult to find online color backgrounds of polka dots on an acceptable resolution for printing and use in all types of crafts. And that is why I decided to create a collection of sheets of polka dots! Now hang on 1st pack, with a wide range of 30 color combinations unitone. Hope you like!

As I said yesterday, today is the day to bring order and focus my goals for 2012. As a restless soul I am, I have always new projects in mind, and I like surfing the net for others to add to my long list... But who covers much, say little squeeze. So this year I decided to check only 10 purposes for throughout the year. This is my list. And yours?

1 Launch my own Etsy shop.
2 Learn French.
3 Maintain a blog (this one yes!).
4 Improving my lifestyle.
5 Prepare a dossier for submission to teach craft courses in Civic Centers.
6 Redecorate my bed and craft rooms.
7 Make a cultural activity per month, if it's possible.
8 Let me long hair!
9 Maintain a weekly and monthly schedule.
10 Keep my house clean and tidy.

For many of these purposes I am making the necessary arrangements to carry them out, like to join a French class, the business planning for my Etsy shop, go to personal-coaching sessions, so if all goes well I will make this possible throughout the year. Achievable plan around purposes is fundamental to maintain the illusion to achieve them throughout the year. The goals harder to come should be only 10% of total to maintain interest without abandoning our efforts. And above all we must not hurry, things need their time, and despair is useless, it is important to be consistent and commit yourself. So with 10 firm purposes I think for me is more than enough.

Today I found a web, Creativity Tools for creative internet, where you can find random words, names and phrases for inspiration. You can choose several options of word type and complexity, as well as to obtain also random phrases, sentences and paragraphs. I thought it was fantastic! Besides being a great way to expand my vocabulary in English, since I am Catalan and my vocabulary is somewhat limited, with unfamiliar words. So at the end of each post, from today will be the "Word of the Day", with their definitions and their translation into Spanish. Posts will initiate the "Quote of the Day" and will end with the "Word of the Day". Knowledge does not take place! And I say goodbye already for today.

Sweet kisses!

1. bestowal - the act of conferring an honor or presenting a gift
2. bestowal - a gift that is bestowed or conferred
Translation: bestowal [bɪˈstəʊəl] N [of title, honour] → otorgamiento m; [of money, gifts] → donación f; [of affections] → ofrecimiento m

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