Jan 12, 2012

Catching up on my life

The fear begins all wisdom, and who is not afraid, can not know. Francisco de Quevedo

Happy day 12!

I'm spoiled to receive a package every day... I look like a little girl on Christmas Day! I know exactly what's inside each package, but still I hope continues like opening gifts! I like to take some pictures of all I get before use. Let's see if I get and I take a few pictures of my stored yarn, I have really accumulated a lot of yarns!

Today's package is the order I made to Fred Aldous. At last I have the tool for safety eye toys! And as you can see, the rest of the order are more gadgets that continue to expand my collection. Now I just need to put order in my craftroom, which is my project for the remainder of this week. This if it will be quite a challenge! I've been seeing on the network several articles on organizing and planning craftrooms from various bloggers, and I have a thousand great ideas! But we'll see what comes out. So far today I managed to gather all my craft supplies in my craftroom  (I assure you that I have a lot of work finding all the little things that went loose in every corner of the house), and I ordered the yarns (which has also been a great work!). Tomorrow I finish ordering the little things that are now within a couple of boxes (buttons, sequins, pencils and pens fiber varied, scissors, brushes, paints, needles). I promise that when finished I will make some pictures to show you the result!

Yesterday I forgot to tell you a surprise that I purchased. I went out to take a letter to the post office, and two blocks from my house I found a flea market rummage! Like a garage market, American-style! But this time the workers were responsible for a municipal kennel near my town. They told me that each year make this market to raise money for the kennel, and the objects sold are donations that are made throughout the year. There are people who, despite not having the resources to make a financial donation, when they destash clearance at home, instead of throwing it away, take them to the association so they can sell in this market that organized every year after Christmas parties. And so favored in the end, they can raise the funds needed by the kennel to survive. And as I found a very nice initiative and a very good cause, I took a tour of the various sections of the market and ended up buying 3 goodies. As I did not have enough money, but as they said will be up until a week, I promised to return to take another turn. It's a good way to buy low price vagaries, knowing that at the same time helping to keep a project to help animals.

This was my moment of joy today! And these you see are my solidarity purchases. I fell in love with that necklace polygonal (although I admit that in my crafter mind I have made several changes to add color and texture). The red belt with white polka dots, was just there for me! (I admit I could not resist). And the wooden bracelet also has assigned craft project. I need to write it down somewhere! To have on hand a list of all TO DO THINGS. that I have pending and the adds during the year. So I'm designing a notebook to keep everything well organized.

But today was enough. Tomorrow the sun will shine again on the horizon, and I woke to see dawn.

Sweet kisses!

1. confectioner - someone who makes candies and other sweets
maker, shaper - a person who makes things

Translation: confectioner [kənˈfekʃənəʳ] N → confitero/a m/f
confectioner's (shop) → confitería f, dulcería f (LAm)
confectioner's sugar (US) → azúcar m glas(eado)

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