Jan 15, 2012

Daily Notebooks 365, a project of projects...

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Happy day 15!

Ok... So today I wake up early and some nervous... Pass the night dreaming with notebooks! So this morning, with the usual coffee, instead of me to check email and blogs, I have returned to open Freehand. I woke up with the crazy idea of ​​creating a collection of notebooks for daily projects. Why, if I need a notebook format template, that facilitate me the daily work of keeping the project, why others can not have the same need? And hence my idea became transformed, because life is change, there is nothing immutable, or projects (especially mine!).

This is some results of my hard work: two coloring sheets with DailyDonut365 Menu, some cute and delicious postcards, and a sheet of stickers just adorables. You can paint them, using as a basis for making a collage, like postcards, as needleworks guides, to color in Photoshop and then print them, as coloring stickers for your childs, pictures to decorate, and so on. The limit is your imagination! I hope you enjoy! If you want to share your creations, leave a comment with the link. It will be a pleasure to see what you have created!

I started to take shape the idea of ​​creating a draft projects. A kind of digital publishing daily notebooks dedicated to projects 365. And now the brand name itself arose, Daily Notebooks 365. Perhaps another silly project of mine, but why not try? Basically, I enjoy designing, working with Freehand and Photoshop. It is work that absorbs me and I love even more than crochet. And it's a good project to try to make a living, in parallel with my crochet charms shop, Moon Sweet Collection, a project still under construction, that have a slowly growing, but I didn't tell you a lot about it for now.

So the first thing I did was check that there was no blog with that name in blogger.com, and created a new blog with my new brand name. In my short time blogging, I learn that to realize it is very important, once a blog or profile on any social network or platform of sale, where you want to participate. As you have decided on the project and the name, the first thing you should do is check if the name you choose is free, and at the same time creating your blog, shop, or your profile, where you pretend to share your creations and projects. If you are lucky enough to find your name free in the first attempt, and did not register at that time, it is likely that before long, when you try again, someone has you in advance. And then you'll be forced to find another name, and that sometimes is hard to do and to accept, especially if you had take some time to develop the project and design, and suddenly you're forced to change everything, even to redo everything again (I speak from my own experience).

Once I had it all on record, I began to create the design of the logo for the brand of my new project. As a graphic designer I have always believed important to keep the same line in the design of products within the same brand. Obviously, this new project, in substance, forms part of my own design and brand. So I decided to keep the fonts I used in the design of Moon Sweet Collection. It is a good way to reinforce and establish a brand image that the customer can retain and easily identify. Of course, sometimes the project requires a radical makeover, and even an estrangement with the image of the mark. But in this case, I could keep that same line of design, and would be equally acceptable and affective for the general public. Here the final logo design in 2 versions, adapted to the different uses that I need.

After creating the logo, I reopened the Daily Donut 365 notebook file, and I made appropriate changes to remake my personal project, in an editorial project according to the common characteristics of most books on the market. I added a small note of attribution both the project idea to emerge from Noah Scalin, as my copyright on the images and design of the notebook, which I have worked for something! This is something I've had to learn fast in this voracious world of bloggers. Anyone would think with the right of appropriating the work of others, without even mentioning or thanking them for the inspiration. Not to mention those directly repost entries of others, that are attributed as their own. Or the pirates who get rich selling the creations of other bloggers that offer free on their blogs, as freebie of thanks to your readers and followers. From the beginning, I was very clear that I would reference all blogs, posts, shops, and any thing that could ever comment in my blog, inserting their corresponding links on every mention in my posts.

And this is the end result of my first notebook, Daily Donut 365! Hope you like! I am very proud of my work. I have clearly be improved, but for my level of demand is sufficient, and I feel satisfied. I don't like to compare my work with other creative creations, but inside I usually see on the net, it makes an acceptable quality.

I'm working on several new models, and I'm riding my DailyDonut365 print to show you when it's mounted! I am very excited about this project! The truth is that I still have many things today to explain, but it's late and I think this post is already long enough. Tomorrow the sun will rise again!

Sweet kisses!

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