Jan 13, 2012

Goods & Changes

Hunger and love held together the world's factory. Friedrich Schiller

Happy Friday the 13th!

Today was again Christmas! Now I only have 2 more packages to come... And today I received 2 packages more! In the first, I ordered 3 ink pads in TuesdayMarket at Etsy. Nice prices and fast shipping! You see I purchased my logo colors as they are to use with the stamps, to decorate my packagings. I chose these brand, because they serve as ink for paper and fabric, and I have more ideas to use them. Now I only need to make a stamp with my logo. I've seen several tutorials on the internet for DIY rubber stamps, and I have a rubber pad and a set of carving tools to do so. See if I do it soon!

And in the second package, that I ordered in Gift Set World at Etsy too, had a super cute rubber stamp set, of 15 stamps with a little funny girl I loved, 2 sets of notepads and stickernotes just adorable (you note that I love the kawaii style?) , and a handy carrying case that will be ideal to carry my crochet hooks, needles, and small things, and full of polka dots. I love it!

I'm riding an amazing craftroom! Even I have a long wishlist of gadgets, but go slowly expanding my repertoire. I need time to put everything in order to make the perfect craftroom. I'm so busy still with that. Open drawers in my craftroom is always an almost religious experience!

This afternoon I received a call of Civic Center. The Healthy Living course that I signed up not going to make (only 2 people we signed, and the minimum was 7). I do not understand is that no one else interested in this course, but instead the country and yoga courses were first filled! What happens to the people of this country? I better not comment further... So I had 2 options: change of course, or my money back. But my intention was to have some activity on weekdays, to force me out of home a couple of days. Then I checked the list of courses (of which I had pre chosen) and ended up choosing a Photoshoot course, in addition to helping me improve my knowledge of photography, I hope it gives me the practice I need to do some good photos of my items to sell on my shop. It has nothing to seem as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it is also a good option. And the course's responsible I spoke with, told me that the photographer who teaches the course of Photoshoot, is a beautiful person and always get their students to leave happy, in addition to a final course project very interesting. I have already raring to go! But for now, until the courses beginning on January 23 week, I have to wait.

I'm still working on my notebook for TO DO THINGS, but I have no more time! I have so much to do, that I should relax and go by, little by little. The rush is never good counselors. ^___^


1. foolhardiness - the trait of giving little thought to danger
recklessness, rashness
unthoughtfulness, thoughtlessness - the trait of not thinking carefully before acting
adventurism - recklessness in politics or foreign affairs
brashness - the trait of being rash and hasty
desperation - desperate recklessness
Translation: foolhardiness [ˈfuːlˌhɑːdɪnɪs] N → temeridad f

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