Jan 30, 2012

My super cute new dolls!

If you want your secret to be kept, save yourself. Lucius Anneo Seneca

Happy day 30!

This morning I adopted three beautiful kittens that I've found at a stationer, and settlement were for just €5.20 (about $6.50) each one! And because they only had these 3, I take all the stocks! Aren't they adorable? They have stolen my heart just see them in their boxes, so cute dressed, with all the little details, and those big eyes!

I think they will take part in some of my next photos and photoshoots, and part of my future projects. They seem like Blyths. The only difference is that my kittens are made ​​of porcelain, but I think I'll just try to hack a bit, and make them new costumes. I've had some good ideas for photographing some kind of photo-comic actors with them. It can be fun! Have you a nice or fun idea for the first script? Share with me in the comments please!!!

All day, I continued working hard on preparing my stock for the store opening. Little by little I define my first collection. I've done a couple of tests with the labels to attach them, and I found the easiest way. Yes, the next time will ask for a little longer. If I continue at this rate I can show to you on Thursday, some pictures of everything that I have finished, packaged and ready to ship.

And last, today I have added in the Patterns page, a link to the Crochet Pattern Central webpage, in gratitude to the many visits I am getting from this site. Years ago I consulted their lists of patterns, and I was thrilled to see that Mr. Wolf had included in their lists (and Lucky Dragon in the coming days, I have been confirmed by email). So from here I thank Crochet Pattern Central for its work in sharing the work that we do so fondly. And I encourage you to visit the page, because you'll find hundreds of totally free patterns and really nice too.

Goog night! Tomorrow the sun will rise again!

Sweet kisses!

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