Jan 8, 2012

One more purchase and some polka dots

Never is too late for repentance and reparation. Charles Dickens

Happy day 8!

First of all, some more polka dots sheets. The more I look at the entire collection, more I like them all! I have to find projects that use them. Any ideas? I love to see what you've done with some of my polka dots sheets!

I confess... Yesterday I fell into temptation and made one more purchase... But I have a very good reason to record it! Last night, after trying without success, and several times, to close one safety eye toy in one of my amigurumis, I decided to search on internet some kind of tool that could help me in this difficult task. First I searched in Etsy, where I bought the safety eye toy in question, but there was nothing that could serve me. Then I did a general search on Etsy, with the same bad luck, I found nothing. So I ventured to search Google (Our Saviour Father), and... Surprise! I found Fred Aldous web! Is an English website selling materials for all types of arts and crafts! And on top are now on sale, and have very interesting offers! In fact, the tool I was looking to place the safety eye toy, had it reduced to 0.25£! And as always with the same problem, I'm having to pay shipping costs, I used to buy 4 more tidbits to leverage the investment. This is my bill:

Flat Safety Tool For Eyes
PI 4oz Spray Stamp Cleaner
Papermania Paper Creaser Set (Bone Folder)
Flat Weaving Needle
Jakar Magnifying Sheet
Grand Total (Excl.Tax)
Spain (20%)
Grand Total (Incl.Tax)

Not bad to buy them? Considering that I get paid in pounds rather expensive to change, I knew even though investment leverage. While I recognize that at first I added a lot of products in my cart, and then, as always, I was doing discards of products to stay with the most needed. The rest have kept in my Fred Aldous account wishlist. Sure in the future I have occasional need...

Sweet kisses!

1. squeamishness - a mild state of nausea
queasiness, qualm
nausea, sickness - the state that precedes vomiting
2. squeamishness - the trait of being excessively fastidious and easily shocked
fastidiousness - the trait of being meticulous about matters of taste or style
Translation: squeamishness [ˈskwiːmɪʃnɪs] N (= fear) → aprensión f; (= fussiness) → remilgos mpl
to feel a certain squeamishness → sentir cierta aprensión or repugnancia

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