Jan 26, 2012

Publication Day! And Rabbit with Garlic Free Recipe!

Modesty alone is able to disarm envy, which usually makes people so unfair. Baron Holbach

Happy day 26!

Today was a hard day of work! At last I have finished edit and publish all outstanding posts of this week. I've posted the pattern of Lucky Dragon, and gradually this blog is becoming the main focus of my life, around which all my life is composed as if it were a symphony!

I'm getting a lot of visitors in search of my amigurumi patterns. It's a good way for me, go little by little, so I'm known in the blogosphere, and I also get to know you. ^___^

This afternoon I started the course of Photoshoot, and has been a very productive introductory class! The photos I chose, them really was not what the teacher asked. But without mistakes is difficult to overcome, so I'll put more effort into the pictures to next week. This week our homework are to create a Photoshoot on "My neighborhood". The truth is that I don't have much social life in my hometown, but I will try to pull out some photos every day if I can, and then choose the 8 finalists.

As today was a day very tiring at the same production, I say goodbye with my first cooking recipe. I promised to share it last week, but with all the setbacks I forgot. Better late than never! I hope you try to do it, it's so easy! Here in Spain, we typically do it with chicken as with rabbit, so you choose what kind of meat do like more. The amounts of ingredients are for 4 servings, so if you cook for more or fewer people, just divide or multiply the quantities. Enjoy and taste it!

Good evening! Tomorrow the sun will rise again!

Sweet kisses!

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