Jan 10, 2012

Received two of the 2012 first purchases!

We have memory and assume responsibility. Exist without memory and without liability may not deserve to exist. Jose Saramago

Happy day 10!

This morning I received 2 packages of my first purchases in 2012! Well, actually 1 package itself was of my first purchases, but not the other ... As you see in the pictures, in the first package I received the cello bags to pack my creations and an adorable stamp. This is the request I made to Unique Shiny on Etsy. Supplies store of a girl of Seoul, with very reasonable prices. It is the store with the cheapest cello bags around Etsy, I checked them all!

The other package... They were the labels for my crochet creations! They are just perfect! I never thought they would be so nice!

When ordered on Etsy in Sewnique Boutique, in early December 2011, I had several problems with the design. I decided to make my labels 1/2 "x 2", as my creations are tiny and did not want the label stand out more than the charm itself. But I wanted to add a custom label to all my creations, to reinforce the brand image and recall the url of my Etsy shop. These small details are what distinguish a homemade product to pass the time, of a homemade product with the intent to be unique and have a commercial projection and leave a trace. And it is clear that since I'm a perfectionist, and I intend to start this project was making a living from this, the approach of the marketing campaign was aimed to give a professional image of both homemade and handmade.

So my first design coincided with the process of building my brand and my logo. The truth is that the first version had nothing to seem with my current and final brand image. You see, I wanted to give a retro style, using the typical edge of the old letters BY AIRMAL. Here I leave some samples to see this first phase of design.

I consulted with my friends and my father, and they all seemed original. But now I look at it and compare to the current logo, and honestly, so lucky that I had problems and had to redesign everything!

Although the redesign started not because of problems with labels, but with my crazy intention to create a customized packaging for my articles. Since I had decided to focus my first collection in donuts (which are a secret passion of mine), I thought it would make some original boxes of donuts to scale, with the image of my brand. I do not know why I changed the color scheme of my logo (red, blue and white), for a pastel palette sweeter. I guess because I created my first donuts in chocolate brown and pink, in designing the boxes unconsciously used these colors. And the truth is that the boxes were very cute! But when printed and assembled a first test, I realized that, for cost and production time, I was going to be a considerable increase in the final price of the items. And I was not willing to that, since from the beginning when I started to consider creating my own shop, one of the strongest decisions I take, was that the prices of my items were to be affordable. Here you can see a design sample I made of the boxes, and test riding. Adorable right?

And that's when problems arose with the labels. I received an email with the final assembly of labels to print, to give my ok. But because the design details, it was totally unreadable label content. And make a labels unreadable print is simply nonsense. So despite the disappointment, I took the positive side of the situation, and decided to redesign my trademark and my logo according to the design I made for packaging boxes. In the end I removed the ball and the hook of the logo, as in the size of the label was completely blurred, and I changed for a letter O modified to look like a tasty donut. If at the end I was going to sell donuts, whether of crochet... What better symbol for my brand right? And that's how I ended up redesigning my branding and my logo. The truth is I'm happy with the outcome, and I think it was worth investing time and love in this process. Learns from mistakes, proven!

And that's all for today! Sweet kisses!

1. helplessness - powerlessness revealed by an inability to act
impuissance, weakness
impotence, impotency, powerlessness - the quality of lacking strength or power; being weak and feeble
2. helplessness - the state of needing help from something
dependence, dependency, dependance - the state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else
3. helplessness - a feeling of being unable to manage
depression - sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy
Translation: helplessness [ˈhelplɪsnɪs] N (= powerlessness) → impotencia f

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