Jan 16, 2012

So busy day!

Justice is the bread of the people is always hungry for it. René de Chateaubriand

Happy day 16!

Today I had a stressful day! I spent all morning editing posts of this weekend, tweaking the design of DailyDonut365 printables, correcting some errors of translation found in several of my posts. I lack time to do everything I want! Today I have not even found time to print and mount the notebook of DailyDonut365, to make the test print. As a perfectionist, I like to touch and see the end result of my work, to evaluate and correct my mistakes. Because there is always something to improve, or correct. I have also continued to advance the design of my next DailyNotebooks365. Following my line Sweet Collection, this is Cupcakes! But I must confess that, unlike donuts, illustrations of the basic cupcakes is taking me much longer. In my artwork I like to use simple lines to emulate the effects of volume, light and shadow, but always try to give a very realistic style. So I usually use photographs as the basis for my artwork. These are the 2 designs I have done today. A tough job I am very proud! What do you think? Makes I want to eat them!

Today I've continued to organize my craftroom, but as I told you, every time I open a drawer in my closet, I raid thousand gadgets I have accumulated and I have to find a new place, or decide that I should throw them garbage and that I will serve for nothing. If I'm honest, I have trouble throwing things. Even simple thing, like a notebook or a few paper clips. I guess the fact of not having anyone physical reminders of my childhood, made me collect, obsessive and unconsciously, all kinds of details and useless objects, and it's hard for me to part with them. But I'm working hard, and gradually, I making room to put all my things in place. The organization is essential to work effectively and be able to maximize the time spent on each task. So I'm investing the necessary time to put everything in its respective box, classifier, folder, basin... At the same time I take to get my craftroom decorating with postcards and drawings and notes I had saved, to have things around that inspire me about when I finally can occupy and use the room. I can not wait! For now, I'm still working in the dining room each day mounting and dismounting all the parapet, although I have it almost automatic, since I keep it all in some wicker trays. So I have everything on hand and at the same time collected. It may seem silly, but for me getting to keep order in my surroundings is a novelty! And I'm enjoying the results, as when a child learns to read and realize that it is capable of reading a book alone, without help from anyone!

So for now, that's all folks! After two long posts this weekend, one shorty is appreciated. ^___^ Good night!

Sweet kisses!

1. Stein - a mug intended for serving beer     
beer mug
mug - with handle and usually cylindrical
Translation: stein [staɪn] N → jarra f

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