Jan 20, 2012

Thanks a lot new viewers!

The difficulty is one excuse History never accepts. Edward Roscoe Murrow

Happy day 20!

Today I saw this spectacular sunset when I went to Barcelona this afternoon. So niceeee! ^___^ I love sunsets pics!

Yesterday was a big day! I posted my first amigurumi pattern, and Cat Cattery from The Crafty Cattery, the owner of one of the wolves patterns that I posted yesterday, left me a comment! Cat thank you very much! You gave me great joy! And thanks to all who have entered the blog to meet Mr. Wolf and watch all my things... I very much appreciate your interest! Hope you liked the pattern, and many new Mr. Wolf born all over the world! I'd love to see them! I await your comments! And if there is any mistake in the pattern, please let me know! Or if you do not understand something, ask me, I'll be happy to help you! I am preparing a version of Mr. & Mrs. Wolf special for Valentine's Day, how much I ends them I hang pictures.

I'm also developing new accessories for my line Moon Sweet Collection, which I'm going to have finished the sample and will finally open my shop on Etsy! I am thrilled! And as I promised an opening in style... I am preparing 2 special favor boxes for a raffle between blog readers and fans of my page on Facebook. As you are only a few, have a good chance that you win! I only give you a hint... POLKA DOTS! Watch out if you want to participate in the raffle!

Today I want to share some tricks I've learned, thanks to Planet June tutorials, which are proving very useful to me to finish my amigurumis with a clean and professional finish. Sew the pieces of the amigurumis always had me many problems and headaches, because I never managed to hide the stitches to sew together the pieces. And that made me never be completely happy with my creations. But recently I saw a video just fantastic by Planet June, which teaches how to make a seamless join  in amigurumi. She shows you to join 2 separate pieces, but I've tried to close whole pieces, and simply looks great! So if you too have this problem, I recommend you see the video, because you'll never experience bad sewing feels. I promise! Another great trick I learned from Planet June, is the invisible decrease, seriously, just awesome. Never again will you hook the same! And take this opportunity to recommend you visit the Planet June shop, because you'll love it! And it has beautiful patterns and some craft tools!

And today is all, it was a day very tiring. Tomorrow the sun will rise again!

Sweet kisses!

1. organdie - a sheer stiff muslin
muslin - plain-woven cotton fabric
Translation: organdie organdy (US) [ˈɔːgəndɪ] N → organdí m

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