Jan 29, 2012

Tidying weekend!

The only worthy autograph of a man is what makes writing their works. José Martí
There is much to know, and little to live, and not live if it is not known. Baltasar Gracian

Happy day 28 and 29!

This weekend I was tidying my craftroom (and I'm almost finished, although that seems the Holy Family of Gaudí). I hope to finish this week, because I need to go to work for the opening of my store on Etsy.

Although I haven't had much time to explore blogs these days, I found a very interesting challenge. February photo-a-day challenge by Slim Fat Mum blog. And I decided that I will try to follow the challenge and add practices for my photojournalism course. So as of February 1 I'm going to hang the photo-to-day on my posts. I have to add the badget of the challenge, and links. But I have to watch how do it, I hope to have it ready tomorrow, before it starts Tuesday. See the challenge list this month, it seems very fun! Sign up too!

Yesterday I received a comment on Ravelry, asking for the PDFs of my patterns. I could have upload them on Ravelry, but as sure there are readers who perhaps don't have an account created there, I decided to create me a 4shared account, so that you can directly download the PDFs without having to go to another site.

This has brought me a great effort this weekend, creating PDF files, uploading files, and editing the pages with links to downloads. Hope this helps you. No more boredom copying files to Google Docs! You can download the PDFs directly from my pages Patterns, Printables and Recipes, that you can find on the up navbar menu.

And that's all folks! Tomorrow the sun will rise again!

Sweet kisses!

1. pigsty - a pen for swinepigsty - a pen for swine
pigpen, stypen - an enclosure for confining livestock
Translation: pigsty [ˈpɪgstaɪ] N → pocilga f, porqueriza f

1. greasepaint - a greasy substance used as makeup by actors
makeup, war paint, make-up - cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
Translation: greasepaint [ˈgriːspeɪnt] N → maquillaje m

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