Feb 1, 2012

New free pattern: Ace of Hearts Tie for Valentine's Day

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Happy day 32! And happy 1st month blogday!

I can't believe! I met my first month as blogger, and have reached the 2000 views! I'm super happy, because I feel rewarded, by far, all my work and dedication. It's been a very tough first month. I have worked a lot, doing and undoing, I've had to learn many things and make many changes, both on the blog and in my life, but I must admit that I am very satisfied. For a newbie is not bad right? Now, I just hope that all this effort will serve me to develop my shop project with equal success. I know that's going to be much more difficult to achieve, but nothing is impossible!

You can find the pattern at the end of this post.

So today, to celebrate the first month in the blogosphere, I share with you a very special pattern. Valetine's Day will be soon, and although I haven't partner, I wanted to do something unisex. Most ideas I've seen online for this Valentine's Day were beautiful, and I must admit I would have owned many of them. But I missed some gift idea for men, or unisex, because most gifts that I was seeing are red and pink, and completely filled of hearts on all sides. I am not saying that is not well or not nice, I love them! But guys have a harder time bringing these prints so romantic. And so I decided to do a tie. But, as I'm single, had to be a tie that I could use too. I confess, I love to wear ties, but not with dress shirt, but with a polo, I have my own style. ^___^ And I like fine and narrow ties. I have several: printed, striped, polka dots... So this is my particular way of claiming the use of the tie by women, while the perfect gift for your guy/girl, because it's for everyone!

I've done in gray, combined with red, because gray is a color that blends with all magicly, and while this color can be considered formal. Like you can wear it with a suit, or with jeans. ^___^ But you can make any color you want, or in color stripes. They can be very nice! I might encourage me to make a couple more with different designs, when I take some time. But before I will make another for my father, because I love him very much and he deserves it (and because it that you seeing is mine, my treasure!).

The detail of the little heart I studied very well. Following the line of austerity in the profusion of feelings, usually of the male audience, I decided that one heart be visible enough. I did not want to be big or too obvious, only a small detail. So I put that tiny heart at the end of the wide end of the tie.

The tie needed a lining to fix crochet work, and not deform with time and use. I did it with felt, because it is very easy to draw the mold with the finished tie, and then just cut and sew. You can embroider some details or a nice quote on the lining, or a special dedication to your soulmate, the title of a song that will remind you something... Your imagination is the limit! Do it before sew all around!

So here's my little, but full of love, Ace of Hearts Tie pattern. I hope that encourages you to make one for someone special. I want to see the photos please! Leave the link to your blog so I can see your work! Thank you!!!

You can learn how to do the x[x]x stitch, and download the PDF in Tutorials section.

Edited: If you want to learn how to knot a tie, visit Neckties page!

And last but certainly not least. Thank you for making this personal project an illusion fills my life daily. Tomorrow the sun will rise again!

Sweet kisses!

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  1. I love this idea! I wish u the best of luck! I'm sure you will do just fine! You've done GREAT so far!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Thanks a lot for appreciate my work! Hope you make one, and show me please! ;) Kisses!

  3. Hello! I tried to leave a comment before but I don't think it went through.
    I would LOVE to make this te but I can't understand how to read the pattern.
    Would you be able to explain it to me or send me a link to a website where I can learn your type of pattern?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi, SumikoGrapes! I had the same question as you, but I finally figured it out. English is not MoonSc's first language, so I wonder if sometimes she's nervous to answer. :)
      When you read the pattern, you're gonna wanna translate it onto a Word document or something. Each time it lists a letter, it's an abbreviation found in the key on the first page. I go through and substitute the words for the abbreviations so that I can read the pattern. Then when it lists "Points," that means the total number of stitches in each row. For example, She has "Round 1-20/ 7 ch- turn, x* 1ch- turn/ Points 7, 6." That means: Row 1: Chain 7. Sc in 2nd chain from hook, then sc across the row. Total stitches= 6. Rows 3-20: Chain 1, sc across row. Total stitches= 6." Also, the x[x]x means increase. The little chart with checks is what I'd imagine to be a way to keep track of your rows on paper if you print off the pattern.
      Hope that helps! Two years later! Lol. :)

  4. Hi! I got the supplies to make this, but I started wondering.... is there a reason that you did it in two pieces? Why not just crochet it all in one? Or is it so that the ends don't curl? I would love to know before I start, because I'd rather just do it in one piece like any other pattern. But I don't want to mess it up if you know something I don't. :)