Mar 12, 2012

So many Blog changes!

Happy day!

This weekend has been very stressful and tiring. I have been several unpleasant situations, of which I still don't quite understand the reasons, and that left me puzzled and somewhat upset. On Friday, I decided to update everything on the blog as soon as possible, and I decided to do during the weekend, because usually when I get fewer visits.

After 2 hard days of work, the Sunday afternoon I finished updating all the posts that had already published until February 10, plus 3 new posts, until 13 February. I didn't want publish all new posts at once, to try not to saturate the emails of my followers. So my intention is to publish 2 or 3 new posts each day, until I catch up the blog.

So yesterday afternoon, satisfied with the work done, I decided to post my 2 new patterns (Objective Camera Cover and Finger Cozy) on Ravelry, where I have created account in a while. And I did as I always have, so far, posting the link to my blog post.

But after a little while, I saw that an editor had published a sticky note on my pattern, saying that the link led to a pirate site. So far had decided to use 4shared as web storage online, since I shared my documents and PDFs of this blog. I must admit that the 4shared page is somewhat confusing, as there is too much advertising and download links that don't correspond to the file. But on the other hand, the download button just below the file, and is the only valid, it does work properly.

So I decided I didn't want to cause more trouble for anyone, so I had to find another place where I can store and share my files. After much searching online, among the free options (for the moment because I can not afford to invest in paying online space), I decided that Google Docs is the only reliable and safe option. I had to do some research to find out how to share files without converting them to Google Docs (documents converted gives some problems). And finally, I managed to hang all my documents, and links could get safe, affordable and without restrictions or warnings. I know that is not the best option, but for me, for now, is the only possible one. But please, if you know of a free and secure server, better than Google Docs, in a comment tell me how and where! I look forward to again change. Although that means I work great editing and remaking of all posts.

Because this is what I had to do: create an image preview of all the files (which has already been a monumental task), upload all files to Google Docs for links, and finally, re-edit all the posts that contained shared files, and re-edit all the pages of the sections of the blog... Just today I slept! So I hope nobody else again have trouble downloading the files, because it took me almost a superhuman effort.

But back to the criticisms and comments on the internet... Editor's comment on Ravelry was not the first and nor the only, I have received on this issue. Although not everyone had the same tone. I don't know what happens to people online, but there is little gratitude and kindness, and very bad manners and a desire to discredit others and their work. I don't quite understand why this attitude, this rage against the world for no reason, for this love of destruction. Instead I must also say that another editor of Ravelry, sent me another sticky note, commenting on how I could edit the categories and tags of my patterns on Ravelry, correctly, and she even attached the link to the FAQ in which I informed to all. This is the kind of attitude we have to have! We get much more than others suggesting that attacking, destroying rather than helping.

I'm new to this blogging, to create patterns, trying to live my hobby, and socially interacting online with unknown people around the world, each with their unique personal characteristics and cultural. I think in general there are very good people in the blogosphere. Many people willing to help, to cooperate and even to advise. But some people are not, and was intended to discredit the work of others, which, each with their skills and limitations, create and share their creations through their blogs and social networks. People who invest time and effort in each of the patterns and tutorials, in each of their pictures and their printables. And that work must be respected, whatever their level of excellence.

Each person is as he is, and does what he can as best can attest it. So from here, I demand respect and love for the work of others, more or less to our liking, or answers about our own levels of demand. Be a little flexible, and try to help when we detect a problem, instead of criticizing freely and simply note that there is an error or failure. Ok there is an error, but you have thought that maybe he's wrong doesn't know how to do it well? You know it right? Yeah you know how, help and collaboration, and teaches and explains what you detected that the other can be helpful. But please: Criticizing for criticizing is sample of envy and malice.

But we must always try to take the positive side of things, and as I didn't want to argue with anyone, the first thing I did was upload all of my PDFs patterns to Ravelry. At least for now, I will not be overwhelmed with negative comments on the download link. (I think from Megaupload closing, there is a feeling of hysteria on the Internet on sites online file storage, and many social networks like Facebook, have begun to identify and label the content related to there sites, as content dangerous, and often override posts, or issue warnings, which don't correspond with reality. And this also has brought me some problems in a group of French crochet was a member, and threw me without letting me explain why such notice... Anyway, what I said, bad blood left over, and lack generosity, understanding and appreciation. Because I don't win anything with my patterns and printables that I offer free in my blog, and I spend many hours and efforts trying to make the best possible.

I would, from time to time, people who behave in such bad manners, will stand a second, and to realize how cruel they can be, and the damage they cause to people like me, are starting on this, and we have no way to learn, making mistakes and correcting our mistakes. At least not while people like that is devoted to criticizing, without help or solutions.

Thanks for reading, I needed to get all these questions that concern me and let me enjoy 100%, sometimes, of the wonderful experience it's to be blogger.

Sweet kisses!


  1. Lluna, so saddened and sorry to read about your troubles with Ravelry and other Negative Nancy's! But do not despair there are way more Supportive Sue's out there! I Love your patterns and I can appreciate how difficult and Time consuming it is to make,write and upload patterns! I think you are doing a great job! I hope things are better for you now, and I will keep a watch out for a secure server for you! Until we "speak" again, Love,Peace and Happiness to You and Yours! Have a great crochet day! Toodles!bonnie

    1. Hi Bonnie!

      Thank you very much for your kind words and for your support. I really appreciate it, as I very much appreciate all Supportive Sue's, and I try not being influenced by negative comments by Negative Nancy's (incidentally, I have really enjoyed these nicknames you've given them... give me permission to use them? it's a good way of not having to explain what kind of person everyone!).

      May you find a secure server and allow me to link documents with direct download link! I know all the people who come into my blog in search of my patterns, must be as tired as I am of Google Docs and problems of conversion and file viewing. Perhaps there is some way to do it in Google Docs, but I haven't found a way yet (because I'm looking for, I assure, tireless). So today I'm back to update the PDFs into image format, because yesterday a nice Supportive Sue (Bethany), told me she couldn't successfully open my files. I hope today is already solved, at least for now these are the solutions I give to everyday problems associated with maintain a blog.

      I hope that over time (I only wear 3 months in the blogosphere), all this nonsense and just be part of my daily routine, but now even cost me hours of sleep and worry, because I want to do everything perfect, and often I can only do the best I know.

      Thank you very much again for your encouraging words, thank you very much you have invested your time to write me. Sweet kisses! And I hope to hear from you soon! If only to tell me how was your day! ^___^