Jan 3, 2012

Happy Dot Year!

We must live as we think, if not just by thinking as we have lived. Paul Charles Bourget

Happy day 3!

Today I'm excited! I discovered the web I needed to finish the polka dots hooked. I love to create pages full of colorful polka dots, I find it fun and addictive in equal parts. And today I found inspirational tool I needed. I discovered Seeds Design, the web of an artist named Jessica lover of color. In the Palette Search section you can find some pictures precious inspire you to capture a beautiful color palette and lovable. And I liked it so much, I decided to do a few sheets of polka dots using these color palettes. But I'm having a lot of work to cope! As I am an obsessive perfectionist, could not settle for making a single page for each palette, would be too easy! So I made 5 different combinations with 5 colors from the palette. And once I finished those first 5 pages, I liked so much that I thought it might be nice to keep a project in parallel with Jessica. (I'll tell her the idea, and I hope she looks good ... Since my versions will be free downloadable printables, and always with a corresponding link to her site ... I cross my fingers that she like my work!) So I decided to start the year and the blog, adding my vision of those wonderful color palettes that Jessica created daily. I had to choose 5 colors of each of the 4 pallets often publish daily Jessica in Design Seeds web (sometimes her pallets have 5 or 6 colors, but for my pages with 5 color polka dots and, therefore, 5 combinations of color, I thought that was enough daily work, as they account for 20 page layouts every day!). So I leave the combinations of these first 3 days of 2012, I've created with all my love for lovers of polka dots, and for all those crafters who want to use on their personal projects. Hope you like them!