Jan 6, 2012

2 Busy days!

In Hollywood you can pay $1,000 for a kiss, but only 50 cents for your soul. Marilyn Monroe
I finally reached what I wanted to be more: a child. Joseph Heller

Happy days 5 and 6!

Yesterday I could not write, and today I just... Today was the Day of Kings, and I've been quite busy to finish on time the gifts. Before this year, I buy gifts, wrapping et voilĂ ! But this year, with my new project underway, I decided that I had to make. I made a couple of charms for the Mobile and a couple of brooches with my crochet donuts, and 3 painted wooden boxes and decorate customized for their future owners (but not made ​​pictures, I'm that clueless!). Everyone liked them, so they encouraged me to pursue my Etsy shop project.

What I can do is show you pictures of my donuts, which are not finished yet, but you can already see the look that will have... Mmmm! I want eat them all!