Jan 9, 2012

Early start day

No one can be perfectly free till all are. St. Augustine

Happy day 9!

Today I had to get up early to arrive on time at the Civic Center. At 9 began to divide the batch in order to register for courses this quarter. As the center is in Barcelona, ​​and I live on the outskirts, there was no choice but to early to arrive soon. I arrived at 9:30 AM, and got the number 133. I thought it would be a quick thing... But in Spain we do everything upside down! Until 10:00 AM did not begin to do the inscriptions. So I had to wait until 11:30 AM. This is crazy! How can waste people's time like this? Open the center, begin to distribute the numbers to maintain order in the inscriptions, have all personnel working downtown... Why could not begin registration at 9? Why make us wait until 10? Why in this country are not using logic to streamline and leverage the time and money of the citizens???