Jan 14, 2012

Excited about new projects! So large entry...

Who does not live in any way for others, not live for himself. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

Happy day 14!

Over breakfast, I was checking the feeds of blogs I follow, cheking my email, surfing internet for news... Then I saw the weekly email from Etsy Success, a fantastic article "How-Tuesday: Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing", written by Noah Scalin. In the article, Noah introduces the concept of Project 365, and gives you six big ideas to carry it out, extracted from his new book, "Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing, at Home, at Work and in Your Studio". Obviously, my curiosity led me to investigate a little more about Noah and his books and projects. I already knew his blog "Skull-A-Day" for almost 2 years. Because I am also a tattoo artist, and that I love the skulls like Noah, had already visited his blog in search of new ideas to inspire me when I made a tattoo design with skulls. What I did not know were his books. I was looking for books online, and although I have not found translated into Spanish, I found in amazon Spain, and I have on my wishlist at the top for my next purchases. I think they have to be very interesting and inspiring, and I hope have them, I need to read them! But this month I've exceeded my budget for purchases. Maybe next month for my birthday.