Jan 15, 2012

Daily Notebooks 365, a project of projects...

Incompetence is the more harmful the higher the power of the incompetent. Francisco Ayala

Happy day 15!

Ok... So today I wake up early and some nervous... Pass the night dreaming with notebooks! So this morning, with the usual coffee, instead of me to check email and blogs, I have returned to open Freehand. I woke up with the crazy idea of ​​creating a collection of notebooks for daily projects. Why, if I need a notebook format template, that facilitate me the daily work of keeping the project, why others can not have the same need? And hence my idea became transformed, because life is change, there is nothing immutable, or projects (especially mine!).

This is some results of my hard work: two coloring sheets with DailyDonut365 Menu, some cute and delicious postcards, and a sheet of stickers just adorables. You can paint them, using as a basis for making a collage, like postcards, as needleworks guides, to color in Photoshop and then print them, as coloring stickers for your childs, pictures to decorate, and so on. The limit is your imagination! I hope you enjoy! If you want to share your creations, leave a comment with the link. It will be a pleasure to see what you have created!