Jan 16, 2012

So busy day!

Justice is the bread of the people is always hungry for it. René de Chateaubriand

Happy day 16!

Today I had a stressful day! I spent all morning editing posts of this weekend, tweaking the design of DailyDonut365 printables, correcting some errors of translation found in several of my posts. I lack time to do everything I want! Today I have not even found time to print and mount the notebook of DailyDonut365, to make the test print. As a perfectionist, I like to touch and see the end result of my work, to evaluate and correct my mistakes. Because there is always something to improve, or correct. I have also continued to advance the design of my next DailyNotebooks365. Following my line Sweet Collection, this is Cupcakes! But I must confess that, unlike donuts, illustrations of the basic cupcakes is taking me much longer. In my artwork I like to use simple lines to emulate the effects of volume, light and shadow, but always try to give a very realistic style. So I usually use photographs as the basis for my artwork. These are the 2 designs I have done today. A tough job I am very proud! What do you think? Makes I want to eat them!