Jan 17, 2012

My two last purchases of this month! And finally the DailyDonut365 notebook printed test!

Nowhere in life is sadder than an empty bed. Gabriel García Márquez

Happy day 17!

Now suddenly, get together the last two packages. But the truth is they were the 2 orders smaller than I did, so at least I can finish off my monthly shopping with a post worthy. ^___^

In the first package I received 2 more stamps, and 2 small styrofoam circles, because I want to do with a baby crib mobile. I ordered on Etsy's Sunday's Market. Jamie, the seller, is a nice person, and very friendly seller. She also sent me, as a gift, a packet with some cute tags! Thank you very much Jamie! I recommend you take a look from time to time at her store, always has good deals!

And in the second package I received the order I made to SupplyShop1 on Etsy too, in box coming some jumprings of different sizes, 100 plated alligator clips, and 50 ring bases. A store with very reasonable prices!