Jan 21, 2012

Growing step by step!

Do not listen to friends when the Friend inside says: Do this! Mahatma Gandhi

Happy day 21!

Wow! I am amazed at how quickly people have begun to know me. I still not have followers on the blog. But I see that if I put my mind I can make my voice heard. I decided I had to do something if I want people started reading me, because without you, reader, I am nothing. So I focused my efforts on creating a Facebook page, add people and blogs I've been finding, and are also handcrafters, start commenting on their posts, add a couple of manic amigurumi groups on facebook and post there My pattern of Mr. Wolf, to post on a couple of crocheters forums, posting my pattern in my Ravelry account... It was a tough job, but well worth it! The stats of my blog will grow at a fast pace!

So, it sounds repetitive, THANKS TO ALL MY NEW VIEWERS! It is a great support that you appreciate my work and come take a look. I know my blog is still small, but I promise to care and maintenance it, always with all my love and dedication, and grow every day, to share with you this great adventure to be blogger!