Jan 25, 2012

Last yarn purchase of this season :(

More forces and more may require, a beautiful face than an armed man. Louis Charles Alfred de Musset

Happy day 25!

This week is being crazy! First my camera battery was ran out, and then the internet connection falling down too. And over time is not accompanied by much, and I can not get good photos of the new bracelets I've been doing. I found the solution to attach the labels! Finally I will use adhesive interlining, to attach the label folded in half, and thus be able to sew the pieces in the same seam meanwhile I'm sewing to closing them. But I need interlining, and I have to buy it in Barcelona. I will go on Friday before going to the course of Photoshoot. Yes, it's Friday, I was wrong to write it, but lucky for me, today I have recieved a call of the civic center, to warn me the teacher asked the class we took 5 pictures of everyone, whether on paper or digital support. Guess that will help her to evaluate our level as photographers. I'll tell you. I have decided to take these 5, what do you think?