Jan 31, 2012

New pattern in process - Valentine's Day Special Gift

Deceive the deceiver is doubly entertaining. Jean de la Fontaine

Happy day 31!

Today has been a gray day, and I couldn't go out and take pictures for the photoshoot from this week. Luckily yesterday, returning to buy the kittens, the sun came out for a while and I do a few photos. Although the morning there is not much activity in my neighbourhood. I hope these next few days to go to the park and the library and the promenade, and new city hall area. I live in the center of town, so I have more shops close neighbours. And the teacher remarked that she did not want only photos of general shots, but wants we build scenes, a dialogue in each photo, to convey something. And I assure you it's very difficult! People do not like that make photos to them. So while I'm polishing my technique to get pictures, I will continue trying to capture those scenes on the sly. Of all the photos of yesterday, only these I like. Do you like them?