Feb 1, 2012

FEB1 Photo-a-Day Challenge: Your view today

I'm really working on the tie all day. Was raining outside...
This turn to red my gray day! ^___^

New free pattern: Ace of Hearts Tie for Valentine's Day

As the soul loses the aura of youth, the generous applause tournaments are replaced by the selfish powers for the money. Santiago Ramon y Cajal

Happy day 32! And happy 1st month blogday!

I can't believe! I met my first month as blogger, and have reached the 2000 views! I'm super happy, because I feel rewarded, by far, all my work and dedication. It's been a very tough first month. I have worked a lot, doing and undoing, I've had to learn many things and make many changes, both on the blog and in my life, but I must admit that I am very satisfied. For a newbie is not bad right? Now, I just hope that all this effort will serve me to develop my shop project with equal success. I know that's going to be much more difficult to achieve, but nothing is impossible!

You can find the pattern at the end of this post.