Feb 12, 2012

New pattern on process: Photo objective cover

Difficult to tune in to those who pretended to be honest ambition. Sallust

Happy day 43!

This is the beginning of a new pattern. The idea came to me, as natural and inevitable, as I finished the pattern of the Birthday Cake. Seeing the inside of the lid, had the same shape as the lens of a camera! So I noted in my list of projects.

These are my first tests. The truth is that the first, on left, was too flat, without any grace. So I decided to do the steps that would have a real goal. And although it was pretty good, but this second test was something that ended not convince me..

FEB12 Photo-a-day Challenge: Inside your closet

Accumulated a lot of clothes to wear every day the same in the end...

A tough week

I'm not sure how to start this post ...

I've had a very hard week. I've been sick with the flu from Monday until Friday. On Saturday my grandfather died. And today we went to the funeral and my cousin gave us the news that this morning Noah was born, his first daughter. I have a strange feeling, between joy and sorrow, that has me worried. I guess these things happen, but the truth is that they have been too many emotions in a few days.

I could not post on the blog by circumstances, but I tried to start planning posts, I've been doing the photographs for the Photo-a-day challenge this month, and I've been slowly editing the pattern on the cake, and tutorials of crochet stitches that I invented to make the cake, and the tie last week.

So tomorrow I will try to put some order in the blog, and post everything I have pending. I apologize for not giving news before, but I'm the kind of person, I'd rather not share my feelings hot, because I need to digest things, and overcome them, and then come back and continue being myself, without the experience negative invade my words, let alone my posts.

So thank you for waiting. A million hugs and sweet kisses to all.

Tomorrow the sun will rise again.