Jan 24, 2012

Lucky Dragon Free Pattern finally there!

What could be unexpected for whom nothing has been planned? Paul Ambroise Valéry

Happy day 24!

First of all, thank you to my new followers for your interest! This week is being crazy, and I had several technical problems to publish my posts on time, but I've been working hard to post everything I had pending before the end of the week. And for this, I wanted to say that made me excited to see that, little by little, there are people who are interested in my work. Thank you very much to all new followers and new viewers. You are all welcome to my blog! And please comment on anything you can think of. I'm new to the blogsphere, and I need all the help you can offer.

And finally is there! My amigurumi Lucky Dragon was born, and I was working very hard on it, and on the pattern, doing and redoing some times the pieces. Hope you like and love him as me. Isn't he adorable?

Heres is the pattern.

And here some of the sheets that I use when I'm developing a new amigurumi pattern. So crazy sheets! Sometimes, when I want to write neat the deffinitve pattern, I really have big problems to get it without some fails in the first attempts. ^___^ How do you write your patterns? You use any type of guide? Comment to me, I want to learn how can I do this more easy please!!!

I'm still working on my bracelets for my Moon Sweet Collection, but I have yet to resolve how to attach the labels on each piece. When I ordered them, I forgot to leave space to sew, and now I will put touch solution, but I have some idea in mind that can work. I have to try it. But today not, tomorrow, it's late and I'm exhausted!

Good night! Tomorrow the sun will rise again!

Sweet kisses!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for appreciate it Tink! Try to do one, it's quick and easy. I like to see your tiny dragon. ^__^ Sweet kisses!

  2. I really like this dragon! I've never tried amigurumi before, but you have inspired me to try. I especially like the bumpy, scaly tail. Thank you for all your hard work to design the pattern, and thank you for sharing it.