Jan 31, 2012

New pattern in process - Valentine's Day Special Gift

Deceive the deceiver is doubly entertaining. Jean de la Fontaine

Happy day 31!

Today has been a gray day, and I couldn't go out and take pictures for the photoshoot from this week. Luckily yesterday, returning to buy the kittens, the sun came out for a while and I do a few photos. Although the morning there is not much activity in my neighbourhood. I hope these next few days to go to the park and the library and the promenade, and new city hall area. I live in the center of town, so I have more shops close neighbours. And the teacher remarked that she did not want only photos of general shots, but wants we build scenes, a dialogue in each photo, to convey something. And I assure you it's very difficult! People do not like that make photos to them. So while I'm polishing my technique to get pictures, I will continue trying to capture those scenes on the sly. Of all the photos of yesterday, only these I like. Do you like them?

Jan 30, 2012

My super cute new dolls!

If you want your secret to be kept, save yourself. Lucius Anneo Seneca

Happy day 30!

This morning I adopted three beautiful kittens that I've found at a stationer, and settlement were for just €5.20 (about $6.50) each one! And because they only had these 3, I take all the stocks! Aren't they adorable? They have stolen my heart just see them in their boxes, so cute dressed, with all the little details, and those big eyes!

Jan 29, 2012

Tidying weekend!

The only worthy autograph of a man is what makes writing their works. José Martí
There is much to know, and little to live, and not live if it is not known. Baltasar Gracian

Happy day 28 and 29!

This weekend I was tidying my craftroom (and I'm almost finished, although that seems the Holy Family of Gaudí). I hope to finish this week, because I need to go to work for the opening of my store on Etsy.

Although I haven't had much time to explore blogs these days, I found a very interesting challenge. February photo-a-day challenge by Slim Fat Mum blog. And I decided that I will try to follow the challenge and add practices for my photojournalism course. So as of February 1 I'm going to hang the photo-to-day on my posts. I have to add the badget of the challenge, and links. But I have to watch how do it, I hope to have it ready tomorrow, before it starts Tuesday. See the challenge list this month, it seems very fun! Sign up too!

Jan 27, 2012

First Photoshoot class!

Note: I don't know how or why, but my post of January 27 has disappeared from my blog. I thought its released, but for some strange reason, worthy of a study in X-Files, isn't anywhere. So I've rewrite and published it today (3 February 2012). Sorry for the inconvenience.

The music consists broken tempers and alleviates the work born of the spirit. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Happy day 27!

Today I attended my first class in Photoshoot! I've been carrying my heavy camera all day for nothing! ^___^ The teacher has given us an introduction to the course content, we have been discussing the pictures each of the students have to show, and we have homework!

Next week we have to take a reportage of 8 photographs. The theme is "My neighborhood" and we have a free hand to modify photos at will. The only thing she remarked us, doesn't want just overview photos. She wants to force us to photograph people, and that we come to ask permission. This will cost me a lot! I need to develop an infallible technique, and fast!

10 March 2012: Edited & erased content in response from request.

And that's all for today! Tomorrow the sun will rise again!

Sweet kisses!

1. nunnery - the convent of a community of nunsnunnery - the convent of a community of convent - a religious residence especially for nuns
noun convent, house, abbey, monastery, cloister In monasteries and nunneries, prayers are being offered for him.
Translation: nunnery [ˈnʌnərɪ] N → convento m de monjas

Jan 26, 2012

Publication Day! And Rabbit with Garlic Free Recipe!

Modesty alone is able to disarm envy, which usually makes people so unfair. Baron Holbach

Happy day 26!

Today was a hard day of work! At last I have finished edit and publish all outstanding posts of this week. I've posted the pattern of Lucky Dragon, and gradually this blog is becoming the main focus of my life, around which all my life is composed as if it were a symphony!

I'm getting a lot of visitors in search of my amigurumi patterns. It's a good way for me, go little by little, so I'm known in the blogosphere, and I also get to know you. ^___^

Jan 25, 2012

Last yarn purchase of this season :(

More forces and more may require, a beautiful face than an armed man. Louis Charles Alfred de Musset

Happy day 25!

This week is being crazy! First my camera battery was ran out, and then the internet connection falling down too. And over time is not accompanied by much, and I can not get good photos of the new bracelets I've been doing. I found the solution to attach the labels! Finally I will use adhesive interlining, to attach the label folded in half, and thus be able to sew the pieces in the same seam meanwhile I'm sewing to closing them. But I need interlining, and I have to buy it in Barcelona. I will go on Friday before going to the course of Photoshoot. Yes, it's Friday, I was wrong to write it, but lucky for me, today I have recieved a call of the civic center, to warn me the teacher asked the class we took 5 pictures of everyone, whether on paper or digital support. Guess that will help her to evaluate our level as photographers. I'll tell you. I have decided to take these 5, what do you think?

Jan 24, 2012

Lucky Dragon Free Pattern finally there!

What could be unexpected for whom nothing has been planned? Paul Ambroise Valéry

Happy day 24!

First of all, thank you to my new followers for your interest! This week is being crazy, and I had several technical problems to publish my posts on time, but I've been working hard to post everything I had pending before the end of the week. And for this, I wanted to say that made me excited to see that, little by little, there are people who are interested in my work. Thank you very much to all new followers and new viewers. You are all welcome to my blog! And please comment on anything you can think of. I'm new to the blogsphere, and I need all the help you can offer.

Jan 23, 2012

So busy day overjoyed! ^___^

Reading is to the mind what exercise to the body. Joseph Addison

Reading is to the mind what exercise to the body. Joseph Addison

Happy day 23!

This morning I have gone to my coaching date, and in the afternoon I started the French course! Et il a fait très bien! It was a very intense day, and I have hardly had time to end the pattern of the dragon. Also, I did not quite convinced how was leaving the head and body design, so I'm redoing it. This dragon is bringing me a lot of work! In the end I will be who take fire from my mouth! ^___^

Therefore, and although yesterday I promised to hang the pattern today, will not be possible. Maybe tomorrow if I finish it all and I have time to make photos, and lay out the pattern. But instead, a new collection of beautiful sheets polka dots! Hope you like!

Jan 22, 2012

Year of the Dragon - New amigurumi pattern in process!!

(Again I apologize for posting so late my last posts, my camera battery failed and I had to go editing the pending posts yesterday and today. Thank you for your understanding. For me it was really hard not to publish the posts, only because I haven't the images ready.)

The opportunity must be created, do not expect it to arrive. Sir Francis Bacon

Happy day 22!

Last days I've been seeing on blogs and facebook, that the whole handcraft community celebrates the Chinese New Year, with objects of all kinds, but especially dragons! This year is the Year of the Dragon, and I got the inspiration to make a new amigurumi. But I must admit that I'm having a lot of work to get the pattern. I usually start by the nose when I make animugurumis (animal amigurumis), that is what gives more personality to each toy. And I have taken several tests to find the final form, as I wanted to lower the nose, the belly of the dragon started and then to continue it throughout the body, as in the traditional Chinese dragons drawings I found on internet . What do you think? Do you like the deffinitive muzzle design? I hope to end it tomorrow, to write the pattern, and share it with you!

Jan 21, 2012

Growing step by step!

Do not listen to friends when the Friend inside says: Do this! Mahatma Gandhi

Happy day 21!

Wow! I am amazed at how quickly people have begun to know me. I still not have followers on the blog. But I see that if I put my mind I can make my voice heard. I decided I had to do something if I want people started reading me, because without you, reader, I am nothing. So I focused my efforts on creating a Facebook page, add people and blogs I've been finding, and are also handcrafters, start commenting on their posts, add a couple of manic amigurumi groups on facebook and post there My pattern of Mr. Wolf, to post on a couple of crocheters forums, posting my pattern in my Ravelry account... It was a tough job, but well worth it! The stats of my blog will grow at a fast pace!

So, it sounds repetitive, THANKS TO ALL MY NEW VIEWERS! It is a great support that you appreciate my work and come take a look. I know my blog is still small, but I promise to care and maintenance it, always with all my love and dedication, and grow every day, to share with you this great adventure to be blogger!

Jan 20, 2012

Thanks a lot new viewers!

The difficulty is one excuse History never accepts. Edward Roscoe Murrow

Happy day 20!

Today I saw this spectacular sunset when I went to Barcelona this afternoon. So niceeee! ^___^ I love sunsets pics!

Yesterday was a big day! I posted my first amigurumi pattern, and Cat Cattery from The Crafty Cattery, the owner of one of the wolves patterns that I posted yesterday, left me a comment! Cat thank you very much! You gave me great joy! And thanks to all who have entered the blog to meet Mr. Wolf and watch all my things... I very much appreciate your interest! Hope you liked the pattern, and many new Mr. Wolf born all over the world! I'd love to see them! I await your comments! And if there is any mistake in the pattern, please let me know! Or if you do not understand something, ask me, I'll be happy to help you! I am preparing a version of Mr. & Mrs. Wolf special for Valentine's Day, how much I ends them I hang pictures.

Jan 19, 2012

Mr. Wolf pattern!

All we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Edgar Allan Poe

Happy day 19!

Yesterday I did a preview... This is Mr. Wolf! I created an elegant wolf especially for a friend. And it took a year to see the light! Find the pattern end of post.

Jan 18, 2012

Pinterest and other blog changes

The mirrors are used to see the own face, the art to see the soul. George Bernard Shaw

Happy day 18!

Mr. Wolf!

Jan 17, 2012

My two last purchases of this month! And finally the DailyDonut365 notebook printed test!

Nowhere in life is sadder than an empty bed. Gabriel García Márquez

Happy day 17!

Now suddenly, get together the last two packages. But the truth is they were the 2 orders smaller than I did, so at least I can finish off my monthly shopping with a post worthy. ^___^

In the first package I received 2 more stamps, and 2 small styrofoam circles, because I want to do with a baby crib mobile. I ordered on Etsy's Sunday's Market. Jamie, the seller, is a nice person, and very friendly seller. She also sent me, as a gift, a packet with some cute tags! Thank you very much Jamie! I recommend you take a look from time to time at her store, always has good deals!

And in the second package I received the order I made to SupplyShop1 on Etsy too, in box coming some jumprings of different sizes, 100 plated alligator clips, and 50 ring bases. A store with very reasonable prices!

Jan 16, 2012

So busy day!

Justice is the bread of the people is always hungry for it. René de Chateaubriand

Happy day 16!

Today I had a stressful day! I spent all morning editing posts of this weekend, tweaking the design of DailyDonut365 printables, correcting some errors of translation found in several of my posts. I lack time to do everything I want! Today I have not even found time to print and mount the notebook of DailyDonut365, to make the test print. As a perfectionist, I like to touch and see the end result of my work, to evaluate and correct my mistakes. Because there is always something to improve, or correct. I have also continued to advance the design of my next DailyNotebooks365. Following my line Sweet Collection, this is Cupcakes! But I must confess that, unlike donuts, illustrations of the basic cupcakes is taking me much longer. In my artwork I like to use simple lines to emulate the effects of volume, light and shadow, but always try to give a very realistic style. So I usually use photographs as the basis for my artwork. These are the 2 designs I have done today. A tough job I am very proud! What do you think? Makes I want to eat them!

Jan 15, 2012

Daily Notebooks 365, a project of projects...

Incompetence is the more harmful the higher the power of the incompetent. Francisco Ayala

Happy day 15!

Ok... So today I wake up early and some nervous... Pass the night dreaming with notebooks! So this morning, with the usual coffee, instead of me to check email and blogs, I have returned to open Freehand. I woke up with the crazy idea of ​​creating a collection of notebooks for daily projects. Why, if I need a notebook format template, that facilitate me the daily work of keeping the project, why others can not have the same need? And hence my idea became transformed, because life is change, there is nothing immutable, or projects (especially mine!).

This is some results of my hard work: two coloring sheets with DailyDonut365 Menu, some cute and delicious postcards, and a sheet of stickers just adorables. You can paint them, using as a basis for making a collage, like postcards, as needleworks guides, to color in Photoshop and then print them, as coloring stickers for your childs, pictures to decorate, and so on. The limit is your imagination! I hope you enjoy! If you want to share your creations, leave a comment with the link. It will be a pleasure to see what you have created!

Jan 14, 2012

Excited about new projects! So large entry...

Who does not live in any way for others, not live for himself. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

Happy day 14!

Over breakfast, I was checking the feeds of blogs I follow, cheking my email, surfing internet for news... Then I saw the weekly email from Etsy Success, a fantastic article "How-Tuesday: Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing", written by Noah Scalin. In the article, Noah introduces the concept of Project 365, and gives you six big ideas to carry it out, extracted from his new book, "Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing, at Home, at Work and in Your Studio". Obviously, my curiosity led me to investigate a little more about Noah and his books and projects. I already knew his blog "Skull-A-Day" for almost 2 years. Because I am also a tattoo artist, and that I love the skulls like Noah, had already visited his blog in search of new ideas to inspire me when I made a tattoo design with skulls. What I did not know were his books. I was looking for books online, and although I have not found translated into Spanish, I found in amazon Spain, and I have on my wishlist at the top for my next purchases. I think they have to be very interesting and inspiring, and I hope have them, I need to read them! But this month I've exceeded my budget for purchases. Maybe next month for my birthday.

Jan 13, 2012

Goods & Changes

Hunger and love held together the world's factory. Friedrich Schiller

Happy Friday the 13th!

Today was again Christmas! Now I only have 2 more packages to come... And today I received 2 packages more! In the first, I ordered 3 ink pads in TuesdayMarket at Etsy. Nice prices and fast shipping! You see I purchased my logo colors as they are to use with the stamps, to decorate my packagings. I chose these brand, because they serve as ink for paper and fabric, and I have more ideas to use them. Now I only need to make a stamp with my logo. I've seen several tutorials on the internet for DIY rubber stamps, and I have a rubber pad and a set of carving tools to do so. See if I do it soon!

Jan 12, 2012

Catching up on my life

The fear begins all wisdom, and who is not afraid, can not know. Francisco de Quevedo

Happy day 12!

I'm spoiled to receive a package every day... I look like a little girl on Christmas Day! I know exactly what's inside each package, but still I hope continues like opening gifts! I like to take some pictures of all I get before use. Let's see if I get and I take a few pictures of my stored yarn, I have really accumulated a lot of yarns!

Today's package is the order I made to Fred Aldous. At last I have the tool for safety eye toys! And as you can see, the rest of the order are more gadgets that continue to expand my collection. Now I just need to put order in my craftroom, which is my project for the remainder of this week. This if it will be quite a challenge! I've been seeing on the network several articles on organizing and planning craftrooms from various bloggers, and I have a thousand great ideas! But we'll see what comes out. So far today I managed to gather all my craft supplies in my craftroom  (I assure you that I have a lot of work finding all the little things that went loose in every corner of the house), and I ordered the yarns (which has also been a great work!). Tomorrow I finish ordering the little things that are now within a couple of boxes (buttons, sequins, pencils and pens fiber varied, scissors, brushes, paints, needles). I promise that when finished I will make some pictures to show you the result!

Jan 11, 2012

Another purchase and New Polka Dots Collections!

Choose the best way of life, the habit will make you nice. Pythagoras of Samos

Happy day 11!

Today I bring you 2 new collections of polka dots sheets. Collection 2 is based on the color range of the collection 1, but this time the polka dots are white, in version A, or the background is white, in version B. And in the collection 3, I mixed the colors of collection 1. I hope you like them!